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SETUP: Find 2 or more players, divide beads evenly, and read the rest of the rules out loud.

GOAL: The first player to score at least 12 points (short game) or 21 points (long game) wins.

In the case of a tie, players in the lead keep playing until one player scores more points.


Each Round – Starting player places the chosen container anywhere, marks a spot to toss from, and makes up one tossing rule (how players toss the beads). Players can not touch the container, even if it gets moved or knocked over, until all beads have been tossed.

Players take turns tossing 1 set of beads at a time. This is repeated by the next player until all players toss all the beads. Afterwards points are awarded as follows:

0 POINTS – players that didn’t toss from the marked spot, disobeyed the tossing rule, or touched the container before all beads were tossed

1 POINT – each set of beads touching the container or touching any beads that are touching the container

2 POINTS – each set of beads partially inside the container

3 POINTS – each set of beads completely inside the container (If no one scored, all players except the starting player get 3 points)

4 POINTS – each set of beads encircling the container (forms loop with ends touching) The next player is the starting player for the next round.