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party people sexy edition

SETUP: If you are reading this, you are in charge of getting this game started.

First, pass all players a necklace and random name tag.

Second, make sure everyone wears them such that their character is visible to everyone.

Read the rest of the rules out loud.

GOAL: The winner is the last remaining player with their character visible to everyone.


Starting Round – For this round only, players do not have to follow their character rule. The most recent player to give or receive a kiss names a famous person and talks for 30 seconds, as the character they are wearing, about where and how they would seduce this famous person. The next player will do the same until all players have talked.

Afterwards all players will vote for who is most likely to fail to seduce their person and that player will be eliminated, flip their name tag over, and become the first Judge.

Remaining Rounds – The Judge will pick two players and make up a scenario for why the two characters are talking. Both players will talk to each other as their character, follow their character rules, and try to be more sexy and entertaining than their opponent. After the players talk for 30 seconds the Judge will eliminate one of the players and the eliminated player will flip their name tag over and become the Judge for the next round.

After each round, the new Judge can make any remaining players keep their current name tag, trade name tags with another player, or draw one new random name tag.