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SETUP: Select a deck, find 3 or more players, and download the Double Play app. Each round, the next player that is not answering is the Judge. Answering players must raise 1 finger per answer given in view of the Judge.

“Base” – Trivia card or protective token

GOAL: Answer quickly to protect and capture bases. The last player with a base wins.


Starting – All players begin with 1 base. Players can only have 1 base at any given time.

All Rounds – Starting player picks another player with a base to attack. Judge draws a card, reads it aloud, then starts the timer. Answering players must simultaneously give as many as 5 new and unique answers before time is up.

The player that either gives 5 answers first or gives the most answers wins the round and the Judge’s card is discarded.

If the losing player has a base, it is either captured by the winning player or discarded.

If both players fail to give 5 answers and both players give the same number of answers, neither gains or loses a base.

The next player is the starting player for the next round.