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gangsters & rats

SETUP: Select a deck, find 3 or more players, and download the Double Play app. The next player is the Judge for the rat, and the rat is the Judge for the gangsters. The first eliminated player becomes the Judge for the rest of the game. Answering player(s) must raise 1 finger per answer given in view of the Judge.

“Body Armor” – Trivia card or protective token

“Gangsters” – Players that answer after the rat

“Rat” – First player to answer each round

GOAL: Give enough answers to avoid getting shot. The last remaining player wins.


Starting – All players start with 1 body armor. Players can collect up to 2 body armor at one time. Each time a player gets shot, they lose 1 body armor. If a player gets shot without body armor, they are eliminated from play. The next player is the rat for the next round.

All Rounds – Judge draws a card, reads it aloud, then starts the timer. The rat must give as many unique answers as they can before time is up. The timer is restarted and the gangsters must simultaneously give as many new and unique answers as they can before time is up.

If the gangsters give more answers in total than the rat, the rat gets shot; otherwise the rat wins and can collect 1 body armor or shoot 1 gangster.