Double Vision

Grab some beads and a name tag, draw your new year’s resolution card, prepare to answer drunken challenge trivia cards, exercise your improv skills while talking to other players, and perform party tricks to work your way up the winner’s cup. Designed for players to drop in and out after the game has started, Double Vision is a laugh out loud casual party game that earned the Audience Choice Award at the Austin Indie Game Expo in 2017. Box contains dice, sand timer, 40 name tags, 8 beads, 8 movers and 8 bubbles, 3 card stands, 40 Party Trick cards, 40 New Year’s Resolution cards, 60 Drunken Challenge trivia cards, and a game board. All contents are splash resistant. Players can use the printed rules in the box or download the free Double Play app for updated rules, timer, and score keeper. Double Play, Party People, and Tossers games are interchangeable expansions for Double Vision.

Why read the instructions, download the Double Play app and we’ll read them to you and provide a timer and score keeper.

If you’d rather print the rules, click below:

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