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cement shoes

SETUP: Select a deck, find 3 or more players, and download the Double Play app. Each round, the next player is the Judge. The first eliminated player becomes the Judge for the rest of the game. Answering player(s) must raise 1 finger per answer given in view of the Judge.

“Cement Shoe”- Trivia card or penalty token

GOAL: Avoid collecting 2 cement shoes to win.


Normal Rounds – Starting player draws a card, reads it aloud, then starts the timer. The next player is the starting player for the next round.

If the player gives 3 unique answers before time is up, they pass the card to the next player, restart timer, and the next player has to give 3 new and unique answers before time is up.

If a player doesn’t give 3 answers, they collect 1 cement shoe. When a player collects 2 cement shoes, they are eliminated from play. Grudge Match Rounds – If a player gives 3 new and unique answers for the same card 3 different times, they discard it and say “I declare a Grudge Match.” The Judge draws a new card, reads it aloud, and restarts the timer. All players must answer simultaneously. The first player to give 3 new and unique answers gets to pick which other player collects the cement shoe. If no player gives 3 answers, the Grudge Match restarts.